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Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:29
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One product that is no longer manufactured is Zune HD. I would not say that this specific product by Microsoft was a failure; in contrast, the product had great presentation but the timing was the company's failure. I am not saying that Zune was a bad choice but it just was not its time, if the circumstances were different Zune HD might still be around. The Zune and iPod Touch beat the odds amongst all other mp3 devices, but now with Zune HD out of the picture iPod gets all ovations. Ever since iPod Touch came out it has become the major leader in the MP3 player industry sweeping off all other competitors.
The problem with Zune is that it never was a leader, but rather a follower of iPod Touch and that is why Zune was a big flop for Microsoft. At the time when mp3 players were a big hit, Apple was the first in the market to promote something that was so innovative like the iPod. Right after Apple's launch, Microsoft released the Zune HD to offset their sworn competitor. Both products, the Zune HD and iPod have very similar functions; however the Zune is a bit pricey for a follower. At first look the Zune has a great vision and presentation, even bigger than the iPod. Moreover, the Zune can share music wirelessly with other Zune devices and has a high definition radio, which the iPod does not sustain. Nevertheless, both products pretty much have the same functions and at the time iPod was quite the sensation, so why spend the same amount of money for a Zune, when you could get the cherry of the market. Another setback for Zune is that it is quite bulkier and heavier than the iPod. Also the Zune sustains limited amount of application and games, whereas the iPod on the other hand, sky's the limit.
The Zune definitely had potential to be a serious competitor and even a top leader in the mp3, but it is very hard to predict the future in an ever changing environment. If Microsoft stayed more on their original side rather than try to imitate iPod, things could have turned differently for them. One thing Microsoft failed to do with Zune HD is create a hype for the product's web services, the way iPod did with its' iTunes. Zune never got an intensive marketing support and advertisement in order to establish a strong market ground. The presence of Zune in the market felt more like an experiment and a prototype rather than exerting a full consumer commitment and promising that Zune is there to stay.

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