Zuhair Fayez Information Technology Market Research

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:54
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Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Research Overview 2
Key Findings 2
Problem Definition: 5
Model: 5
Research Questions: 6
Hypothesis: 6
Methodology 6
Sample Probability: 6
Questionnaires: 6
Field work & Data collection 8
Collecting data methods 8
Test-retest reliability 9
Content validity 9
Data preparation & analysis 9
Types of data 9
Analyzing and Testing Hypothesis 9
First hypothesis 9
Second hypothesis 9
Third hypothesis 10
recommendations 10
Appendices 10


I initiated a market research project with the Zuhair Fayez Information Technology (ZFIT) to gain a better understanding of why Sales Revenue has declined over the last 5 years. This is the first of three states , Where I will be conducting similar research to better understand the decline in Sales Revenue.
The market research project included three stages to identify the factors contributing to the
Decline in Sales Revenue in ZFP-IT:
1) analysis of Sales Revenue,
2) Qualitative focus groups with ZFP-IT,
3) quantitative questionnaire with ZFIT employees
The following presents an overview of the research results and the key findings and
Implications. We will be expanding this research with additional states, which will allow for
further conclusions to be drawn about the Sales Revenue.
Research Overview
The key findings from the research are presented in three categories: Demotivated Employees, High Sales costs, advertising.
Overall, the most significant findings appear to describe a relationship between one key factor.
That has an impact on Sales Revenue. That key factor is De-Motivated employees
It is important to note that this research is based only on data from one division of the company.
Key Findings
The research indicates that the decision of whether or not to do Restructuring the organization to have broad levels of titles , Offer training courses to employees, and Define policies for bonuses and rewards appear to be based on costs and utilization. Costs and utilization seem to be the biggest drivers of this decision.


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