Zoëcon Corporation Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:47
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Roaches and insects multiply there number so fast that they can even invade our household and agricultural aspect and make our life miserable. We all know that they are capable of carrying bacteria, viruses, fungi causing cholera, leprosy, and tuberculosis. That's why the use of chemical toxins to control insect pests is common this day. People is concern at safer household insecticides be used where children might in contact with the residual chemical. The demand for safer compounds cause in the focus of research and development from new insect adulticide, which kill adult insects, to chemical compounds that disrupt insect reproduction. Zoecon Corporation offers solution to that problem, They introduce to pest control market a new innovation they call it "strike ROACH ENDER".

Zoëcon Corporation, a Palo Alto, California company, was founded by a group of prominent scientists. One of the scientists was Dr. Carl Djerassi, a pioneer in the synthesis and development of the first birth control pill for women.
Zoëcon was the first company to develop and use insect growth regulators (IGRs), ingredients that mimic juvenile insect growth hormones and disrupt immature insects' growth cycles. As a result, target insects cannot reach the adult stage, where they often cause health or economic problems. Just as important, insect pests cannot breed and create new generations.

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