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Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:42
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Time passes by very fast. Everyone will think of something in their mind when they are sitting all alone on an old chair. They will starts to look back on the past times which had taught them lots of values and experiences, especially the hard and good times, happy, sad and bitter that they had go through. That is why I have to listen and take the advice seriously from the one who is more elder than my age because they lived more years and faced lots of obstacles than the younger. Everything that has passed will become a memory. Whenever I think of it, no matter it's about happy or sad events, my tears fall into my hand. It's hard to go through all that and now it is the best time for me rest in peace with my beloved family. I will bear all the memories in my mind and it will never fade away. What comes around goes around. This is what my life is about. Everyone faced failures and successes in their life. With that, then only can improve myself into a better person and hence become a more matured person. As for me, I remembered the girls with black-hearted, they took an advantage on the others for their own sake, they are selfish! This taught me a lesson to choose my friend wisely.

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