Yelzhan Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:00
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With the rapid development of any country's economy, the issue of quality is more concerned about the focus, although the product quality of our country's have been enhanced a lot, there is a big gap with the quality of European, American, Japanese and Korean. Samsung manages quality through all employee participation and all processes, and focuses on customer's requirements. Under the leadership of high management, promoting the quality of product and the competitive market, the products satisfied by the customers are manufactured with the method of flexible production through management of system and decision based on fact, insisting on continuous improvement and keeping the mutual benefit with supplier.
Samsung group of companies is recognized as a leading global manufacturing, financial and service conglomerate. It was founded in 1938 and focused its businesses on areas such as textiles, shipbuilding, machinery and chemicals. Since 1980s, the group has made enormous efforts and investment in the electronics and semiconductor industry. As a result, Samsung Group has experienced a dramatic growth in net profits since 1990's. The flagship unit, Samsung electronics company (SEC) was one of only two manufacturing companies worldwide to post profits of more than $ 10 bln in 2004 (Toyota Motors being the other). Many regard these successes as reflecting a continuous and reletness effort at Samsung to improve the way it conducts business. For the last few years, SCM and six sigma have been two pillars of business innovation at Samsung.

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