Yeast Is a Living Organism and a Fungus with one Cell

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:58
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Yeast is a living organism and a fungus with one cell.Yeast Development TemperatureTemperatureYeast Development34°F (2ºC)Inactive60ºF – 70 ºF (16ºC – 21ºC)Slow action75ºF – 95ºF (24ºC – 35ºC)Best temperature for yeast activity85ºF – 100ºF (29ºC – 35º)Best water temperature for hydrating instant yeast100ºF – 110ºF (38ºC – 43º)Best water temperature for hydrating active dry yeast138ºF (59ºC)Yeast diesTypes of yeastCompressed YeastA type of yeast with a mixture of yeast, starch and moisture approximately 70%. [pic 1]Active Dry YeastActive dry yeast differs from compressed yeast because of the moisture has been removed by hot air. [pic 2]Instant Dry YeastIt is added directly to dry ingredients without rehydrating. Types of Yeast Dough ProductsLean Yeast Dough -  contain only relatively small amounts of sugar and fat, if any.Rich Yeast Dough  - Also referred as sweet dough, enriched yeast dough bake into the very popular breakfast pastries like, coffee cake, sweet rolls and doughnuts. Rolled-in Dough - the dough is wrapped around butter .Steps in Yeast Dough Production1.        Scaling of ingredients2.        Mixing and kneading of the dough3.        Fermenting the dough4.        Punching down the dough5.        Portioning/Scaling the dough6.        Rounding the portions7.        Benching8.        Make-up: shaping the portion9.        Proofing the product10.        Baking11.        Cooling and 12.         Storing the finished productTwo mixing methods of yeast dough1.        Straight dough method – all the ingredients are added to one bowl and mixed2.        Sponge method – refers to yeast dough’s that are prepared in two stages.Straight dough method by mixer 1.        Dissolve yeast in part of water2.        Combine dry ingredients and the rest of the water in the mixing bowl.3.        Add the dissolved yeast and mix at low speed until soft dough is formed.

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