Yanomamo People

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:35
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It has been more important to discuss about cultures of minority groups in order to understand what they believe in so that we can respect their cultures and avoid misunderstandings. Unfortunately, minority groups have been suffering with losing their places. One reason is that many countries, especially in developed countries, officers have been expanding cities in order to achieve more urbanization and ultimately economic development. Most cases minority groups are the one affected the most as a result of expansion. They often have to sacrifice their places and move to other locations. This is occurred in all over the countries and often brings much confusion and conflicts. In order to avoid these conflicts, cultural understanding should be the first step to make a good relationship between majority groups and minorities. One of the most important examples of minority groups still exist in present is Yanomamo people living in the Amazon regions of Brazil and Venezuela.
The number of Yanomamo people today is approximately 26,000, and they live in 200 - 250 villages. Like any other minority groups, traditionally they are isolated from other societies. Because of the location they live, it is often described a lifestyle brought by heat and humidity. Due to this kind of climate Yanomamo people don't need clothes to wear in. Until today they have been preserving their cultures and the way of living. For example they are often called "hunters - gatherers" because they get every food by agriculture, hunting and fishing by themselves. They have a close relationship to environment like forest and animals in order to live.

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