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Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:05
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If you're obtaining an undergraduate or graduate degree in business, than writing an essay will be a common part of your academic curriculum. University level business essays require careful planning, research and analysis. Essays of this sort take time to develop, but the good news is, the more essays you write the easier the process becomes. After all, practice makes perfect!

To get things started, make sure you start planning your essay carefully. If your topic is already assigned, than you can begin your research. If you're choosing the topic, than pick a subject you are interested in and want to write about. However, keep in mind that you will want allow enough time to do the research and then the analysis, prior to writing. Starting the night before, or even a few nights before your essay is due is not recommended. After that, make sure you also allow enough time write, edit and proofreading your essay. A large part of writing an essay is using your time wisely to ensure the assignment is completed on time, but also being aware that you should never spend too much time on any one section. Giving yourself enough time before the assignment is due will make a huge difference on how your essay turns out.

Research is especially important when writing a business essay. Reflecting back on my own experience when finishing my MBA, I was spending close to 10 hours a week per class just on research. The good news is research is easier than ever with the Internet, especially since many legitimate and reliable resources are now online, this includes ebooks and journals as well. Make sure the information you are gathering for your business essay is credible and the material has been written by researchers, scholars or other professionals within the subject topic and business field. How much reference material is needed will all depend greatly on the topic and how long the essay needs to be. Obviously, the longer the essay the more material you need. Keep in mind, all sources will need to cited properly and referenced in the essay.

Once you have gathered all your information, make sure it's worthy of your topic and it works with the thesis statement of the essay. Part of analyzing all this material will help you organize the material for your essay and you will begin to see what information should go where within the essay.

Your next step should begin by creating an outline. Many students skip the outline when writing an essay, however, it's extremely important. Creating an outline helps you further organize all the information and ideas you have gathered and it will save you a bunch of time later on. The outline will also help your create the logical flow of the essay. Skipping the outline can mean missing important pieces of information you have gathered.

Keep in mind when writing a business essay, use terminology and language that is business oriented,

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