Workshop Proposal for Pernod Ricard Usa, Houston office

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:30
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Le & Associates1233 Coleman Boylan Dr.League City, Texas 77573(832) [email protected] 20, 2016Mr. John RichardsonPernod Ricard USA2451 Lakes ParkwayHouston, Texas,77002Subject: Workshop Proposal for Pernod Ricard USA, Houston OfficeDear Mr. Richardson:Le & Associates is excited to present the following proposal for providing a three-day professional business presentation workshop at the Houston office, 2451 Lakes Parkway, Houston, Texas. Our company has been providing presentation workshops for the spirits industry across the Southwest region since 1992. We have a long-term contract with many big companies in the spirits industry, providing annual workshops to brand ambassadors, luxury specialists, and sales managers.Workshop DetailsThe annual industry average budget for advertising and on-hands selling for a large spirits importer is 27% of gross revenue.  That number was $450 million in the case of Diageo Inc. in 2015. With such an integral part of a large company, more companies are increasing their annual budget for advertising and selling techniques. With the full-blown exposure that is capable from social media, many companies are investing money in training employees to efficiently and effectively handle social media accounts. We also understand that hands-on selling and trade show presentations are still the most persuasive and effective way to gain exposure to a product.Topics of DiscussionWe at Le & Associates will provide a three-day workshop (9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) at the main conference hall at the Pernod Ricard Houston office. To help professionals plan, create, and deliver effective presentations, our seminar focuses on: Understanding your audience’s needs and expectationsFormulating your presentation objectivesChoosing an organizational approachWriting openings that catch your audience’s attentionCreating effective graphics and slidesPracticing and delivering your presentationLeaving a positive impression on your audienceAvoiding common mistakes with Microsoft PowerPointMaking presentations online using webcasting toolsHandling questions and arguments from the audience Overcoming the top 10 worries of public speaking (including How can I overcome stage fright? and I’m not the performing type; can I still give an effective presentation?)There will also be a class dedicated to social media handling. These topics will include:Setting up a brand social media pageHow to engage followersTailoring a specific brand identity to each form of social mediaProper etiquette to communicate with customers10 Laws of Social Media MarketingThe seminar will be held by senior staff Alex Le and Michael Bishop, who have a combined 20 years experience in the industry as well as an additional 10 years holding seminars. The seminar will combine lectures, practice presentations, and both individual and group feedback. Each attendee will also have the opportunity to give three practice presentations lasting from three to five minutes. Everyone is encouraged to bring PowerPoint files containing slides from actual business presentations.  Each attendee will also receive a workbook and a digital video recording of his or her final presentation and a complimentary phone or e-mail coaching six months after the workshop.

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