Women and Politics

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:11
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Category: American History

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one of the hallmarks of a democracy is that it is representative of the diversity and of the interests of its citizens. In this case Canada, and New Brunswick in particular, fails the democratic test.
While there are many groups and identities within the Canadian political system that are clearly under-represented, the most obvious example is the case of women.
Women comprise more than 50 per cent of the Canadian population, yet despite substantial social and economic change in recent decades they remain seriously under-represented in our political institutions. women need the vote for equal representation in the governmental realm. History have also show how women have struggle obtain these seats as able bodies that can also do what men can do. The need for women to participate in politics is for the best interest of the society because if women can run the affairs of the home, raise the girls to be virtious as they are and the boys whom eventually can become the presedent or leaders of the country, they can as well put to action those qualities to better the country. Understanding the ways and manneras in which the men do politics is more in its manner very rough and selfish. Men are do politics to obtain power and alocate wealth for themselves and other men in the asame level as themselves. The true featgure of partriarchy is only concerned for themselves, their position, control and power especially. On the other hand, women gaining a place in the government will put things in check because women are mostly concerned abot the peace of all mankind and detest war and all that causes it. Women in politics will bring hope and change in the governmental places and the country at large because of their innate peaceful and vigorious strenght to change and refurbish the damages already caused by men. Women also need to be represented in politics because of the oppressions and surbordination women are facing in the society. Therfore women voice need to be hard but the only way that could be archieved is by representation and voicing out needs what we want to be done and the ways in which we want to be. speaking of history the believe characters that have been abscribed to both men and women have always have a very negative influence on the way in which men and women have been viewed and treated differently in the society. Like men as more powerful and unemotional while women very emotional and fragile and can deal with competition especially when it has to do with politics, numerious other believe differences that make men better and qualified than women. And these believed differences has caused women alot of unfair treatment and which consequently still continues in our society and other parts of the world. This women's oppression and surbordination is political because "the personal is political" have given raise to numerious women's movement in the past. consequently, those movment have at least gained women

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