William Shakespeare

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:42
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William Shakespeare, an English actor and play write, was born in Stratford upon Avon on April 23, 1564. When he was 18 he married Anne Hathaway, a Stratford woman, who was 26 years old. Shakespeare and Hathaway had three children. The first was Susanna and the twins were Hamnet and Judith. Another of Shakespeare's great works of art, Hamnet, was named after Hamnet. Juliet, in Shakespeare's famous play Romeo and Juliet, was named after Judith. Shakespeare died on April 23, 1601. There are many events that contributed to Romeo and Juliet's deaths. These events are either fate or coincidence It was just a coincidence that Romeo happened to meet Juliet. Near the beginning to the story Capulet decides to throw a party, where Juliet and Romeo first meet. Romeo was not an invited guest at this party because of the Capulet's hatred for his family. He would not have even attended the party if it were not for Capulet sending a servant who could not read to deliver the invitations. The Servant happens to ask Romeo to read the invitation list for him. Romeo then finds out about the party and also that Rosaline will be attending. He then decided to attend this party as an uninvited guest. If it were not for Capulet sending incompetent help to do his tasks or if Romeo had been in a different spot at that time and did not come in contact with the servant, then Juliet and Romeo would have never even met in the first place. Also, while attending that party, Romeo is discovered at the party by Juliet's cousin Tybalt. Tybalt has a strong hatred for all Montague's and when he discovers that one is attending his own family's party it really angers him

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