Why Teacher Helen Died on Christmas

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:49
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Why the English Teacher Died at ChristmasBy Myra Muriel GoTeacher Helen had been teaching English for twenty years at the same school. At her age she should be proud and happy because teaching for twenty years she will surely enriched many lives. But she is not happy or even proud of her teaching career. In her class her students cannot pronounce correctly the words. The difference between P and F, B and V and TH.         One morning, there is a meeting of all the faculty member together with the principal and she noticed that even the teachers of different departments cannot pronounced well the correct dictions of the words. She wanted to correct them but then decided to keep silent. Teacher Helen thinking about leaving her job and switching into other field because she’s questioning her capability of teaching, maybe she not good enough but at the back of her mind she knew that she did all it takes for her students to learn. She went to the hospital, a receptionist greeted her “Merry Christmas” she smiled and replied to her greeting because the receptionist say it correctly. The pronunciation is great. She just felt like saying that the receptionist looks familiar and ask where school she attend, and to Teacher Helen’s shock the receptionist is also a teacher before. Teacher Helen ask her why she leave her job, the receptionist said that teaching English is a hopeless job because you will always see or heard their mistakes. In her answer Teacher Helen falls into deep thoughts and promised to extend her Christmas Vacation until January.         On the Christmas program held in the school where Teacher Helen is teaching, the program starts as the students sing a Christmas song. Teacher Helen, suddenly felt that the stage collapse and all of the sudden all the people we’re looking at her. She heard someone say “Titser Helen, Titser Helen, ded you paint? And the other “Wooter pliss, someone git wooter” But just then, Teacher Helen no longer cared, and was thinking you all make me funny. She died with a smile on her face.

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