Who Moved My Cheese Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:07
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Who Moved My Cheese EssayThis was a little book with a big message.  Of the six “writings on the wall” that were examined, I could relate to the one that stated “if you do not change, you can become extinct”.  I graduated from paralegal school in 1993.  However, after having my second child just a year later, I left the legal field to be a stay-at-home mom and raise my children.  The end of my marriage brought me back into the “real” world.  I quickly learned that the law firm of the past, was no longer the law firm of the present.  The computer age, with its many challenges, were now a part of the law office as well as e-filings with the Courts and online research, just to name a few.  I had to adapt to these changes if I was going to remain in the legal field.  I realized that “old beliefs do not lead you to new cheese”.  I was determined to learn all of these new changes that had taken place while I was away.  I went to the library and read books on computers and software systems which had been revamped and upgraded.  I spoke with professionals who were willing to share with me their knowledge of these changes.  I consulted with individuals who helped me update my resume, and I learned to adequately prepare for an interview.  I was encouraged and when I obtained a position as a paralegal at a large firm in Norristown, but I was petrified!  The firm was willing to take a chance on me and over time, I was able to prove myself of value to the firm.  I continued to read books and enlighten myself on the fields of law in which the attorneys practiced. I soon became an asset to the firm and I was no longer afraid. I felt good about myself, my accomplishment in obtaining this position and what I had taught myself.  I had learned that “when you stop being afraid, you feel good”.  

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