Whitcomb Judson Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:58
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Whitcomb Judson was born 1839 in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois and in 1886 he was found in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During this time, the Minneapolis recognized Judson as a "traveling agent" as he worked for Pits Agriculture works. A few years later, He was employed at the Earle Manufacturing Company, where he sold grain scales and band cutters with other products as a salesperson. Judson began inventing around 1888, but most of inventions were not very successful, even though he got 30 patents during his 16-year career. As a creator, he was identified as the inventor of the zipper, as there were numerous problems with it. When the zipper was finally improved and became popular, he never got to see the success when Whitcomb Judson died in 1909.

I truly agree with the statement " As a society, we have lost the battle for sexual purity". In today's world we have overexposed to media that sends youth the wrong messages that can lead them to doing wrong in the future and throwing away their ability to become something much better. In possibly every Hollywood movie produced in the present, sex is included and no matter how interesting the story line is, unfaithfulness towards one another is showed as a common action of society for us to follow. As youth, I think that we have to see the truth and realize that this is nothing God wants from us and it is heartbreaking for him to see numerous youth throw themselves carelessly towards the opposite gender in return for nothing but a heartbreaking ending. Finally, purity is seldom seen in today society we live in because to many bad influences are taken as the "right" thing to do and as Christians we need to help others realize the right and wrong.

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