Whirlpool Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:34
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Q1.Whirpool did manage to persuade.their employees to join the physical health test after some effort. The free physical test started.by Whirpool for their employees was a very good initiative. The underlying logic of healthy employee.would result in better productivity, and come out as a win-win situation for the employer and employee. However, they could have persuaded their employees in more convincing way. Whirpool had put the test up against an.employee’s birthday, but they failed to persuade them. While wishing them birthday and sending.a birthday card, another card related to health and its effect on the life of an individual.and people around him should have been sent. Detailed information related to how an individual can improve his health in the longer run and get to see their kids getting old. This would help an employee realize.that their employer like to take care of them and consider them an integral part of their system. Using an emotional persuasive technique, the employee.would understand the benefit of this program. Once he is motivated, he would have easily persuade his/her spouse to join free healthcare checkup for the family and get benefits out of it. As a result, the employee and employee’s family health benefit will help the company in the longer run not by just increasing the productivity of the employee but also increase his motivation which would make him loyal towards the company too.Q2.Scavan Kleck, the Oscar winning director, has used his credibility.to make his point through. Since he is a recognized personality, whatever he says has a weightage to it. As the audience and speaker are in the same place, it is easy for the speaker to persuade.the people regarding this controversial.and sensitive topic. However, at times he tried to divert from the topic and also became redundant while giving reasoning. He then tried to explain his argument by telling people about the severe consequences which would arise because of going against.his suggestion and that, it would affect the human race on a broader level.To persuade people, he used the ERG theory’s.concept of existence need. He gave an example and used children as subject, and as children are.very close to everyone’s heart, it created an impact. The information backed by such an example, he tried to change.their opinions which is the easiest to change. He instilled an emotions out of audience and got successful at persuading them.Q3.Face to face encounter with the audience considering that it will be a friendly crowd with no threatening nature and after that offering them the product by expressing its advantage to the audience. Taking backing of a known celebrity and relating each and every fact coordinated to him and began to explain one by one. The speaker attempted to demonstrate the utilitarian side of the item alongside the cheap cost connected with it to focus on the general population. He likewise said that the product has a customization feature which can go about as further motivation to the general population to buy the product. The speaker also focused on the life-time warranty of the product along with physical features of the product to make them put their trust on the product. The speaker focused on the competitor’s product by first concurring with their offer and after that assaulting their validity by specifying their past issue, and at the same time he attempted to induce individuals to use his product rather than that of his competitor.

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