What Truly Is the Meaning of Life?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:52
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Life is a never-ending learning process that we all experience, having said that I have started to question what the true meaning of life is? Many may argue that there is no point in discovering the meaning because in the end we all will come face to face with death. However, I disagree with that argument because although death is real it doesn't give a good reason to say that the lives we once lived were meaningless. So I shall argue that life is meaningful and is up to the individuals to find the true meaning.
What truly is the meaning of life? After reading Nagel Thomas, "The Meaning of Life" I began to ask to myself what the true meaning of my life was? I continued to think about the reading and wondered whether the purpose of life could be considered apart of the religious viewpoint, higher power/status and maybe family. Or is it kind of like a robot made with various individual parts that put it together to make it one. All of those in fact could be involved in the meaning of life however I notice that Thomas failed to mention "experiences" as a possibility and how life experiences could definitely play a major role in determining ones meaning of life.
In my opinion, I believe that the meaning of life has several different key pieces that put it together and it various from person to person due to the simple fact that everyone is different. I don't quite understand how someone could believe that there is no such thing as life having a meaning. How could life not have a meaning? If there truly was no point in living then why would we have even been created in the first place and waste everyone's time? No way no one likes to waste their time when it's not necessary, every one has a purpose in his or her life and that purpose is what gives them the meaning of their life. It's frustrating to see that people could honestly say they have no meaning in life.

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