What to Do When You're Bored

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:13
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Go play with a turtle . And just play with it . I've always wanted to name a turtle hotwheels. But I've never had one ... Yeah Its pretty sad. I have a cat though. But she's mean and she's always scratching me! RUDE. So Umm yeah. I'm just going to copy and paste stuff from Facebook . In all honestly, I'm just writing this so I can finish my essay. Its due at midnight D:
It was at the Coliseum, watching the gladiatorial games that the citizens of Rome spent most of their time. These games were often gruesome, resulting in the slaying of hundreds of people and animals daily. Yet they were very popular, so popular, in fact, that the habit of resorting to the spectacles regularly was something that even the most sadly sane of Roman emperors, Marcus Aurelius, could not break, without fear of public response (Mumford, 231). It was quite dangerous for an emperor to show his dislike of the games, even by nonattendance.

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