What the Differences Between Quailty Control and Quality Management?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:49
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This study aims at evaluating the differences between quality control and quality management. Through reading several research paper and academic books, there is a path of developing the concept of total quality, starting from quality control, then go into quality assurance and eventually the concept of total quality management. Moreover, several tools are particularly discussed for each quality concept to pinpoint their unique characteristics, so that weaknesses behind will be more easily discovered. After the comprehensive analysis, total quality management seems to have considered the collaboration of the management philosophy with the quality system internally and externally.
Keywords: quality control, quality assurance, total quality managment, management philosophy

Quality plays a key role in all industrial development. Traditionally, quality has been associated with the product that a customer receives. This is very laudable but placing a high-quality product or service in the marketplace does not, on its own, guarantee either sales or business succes. As a business student and studying at Management Sciences, I have studied Quality Management (QM) before. Therefore, in order to learn further those philosophies and methods that exclude from my course, I have decided to choose the this topic . Moreover, when I studied (QM) in last semester, I have noticed that there has been a surge of books on quality and new quality methodologies such as TQC, TQM, QFD and so on. This blizzard of ideas and methods is my indication of an increased interest in quality.
However, I found that one of the main difficulties evident in the field of quality management is the variety terms employed. Many are used both interchangeably and inconsistently. Therefore, in order to clarify this kind of confusion, this paper will mainly discuss the following generic terms: quality control (QC) and total quality management (TQM) followed by analysing their major differences.

Literature Review
Before we understand what are differences between QC and TQM, basically we should understand what means of quality. Quality as being “fitness for use” (Joseph Juran), or that of Philip Crosby who defines quality as “conformance to specification”. To further extend its meaning, quality can have two meanings basically: (1) the characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs and (2) a product or service free of deficiencies.”
Quality Control (QC) is defined as the techniques or activities which sustain quality to specified requirements. In other words, it is used to secure products or services quality as laid out in a product specification. Moreover, QC is not a prevention-based system, its basic activity is inspection, including the determination of inspection points, the inspection method development, data collection and analysis and prevention of chronic problems.
Quality Assurance (QA) means to assure quality in a product so that a customer can buy it with confidence and use it for a long period of time with confidence and satisfaction. Here, the product must have true quality characteristics. That means it is insufficient to deliver to the customer product which is not flawed or defective. What does QA do will further shift the emphasis from detection to prevention of non-conformance.

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