What Lies Behind the Deadly Forest

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:10
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I didn’t dare to look back since I knew what awaited me. I looked around the deadly forest, but all I could see where huge trees and the fog that surrounded it. The trees were so big that it seemed you could have seen the whole city if you were to climb it. Everything was dead silent. Nothing would dare to make a sound, all you could hear were my footsteps crunching the leaves and twigs. As I ran further into the forest I saw a clearing, and in the distance I could see an abandoned truck. I ran happily to it and I noticed it was old and rusty. The red color of the truck was fading and chipped off. The windows were broken and there was dry blood around it. All my hopes instantly faded. I could sense someone watching me so I looked around, but nobody was there.As I started walking around the truck I saw a piece of paper stuck on the truck. I slowly walked to it. It read “FOLLOWS” with a creepy drawing of a tall faceless man standing next to a tree that look exactly as the one in the forest. Suddenly a gush of wind blew and I started hearing statics on my head. I looked around and i saw him. Standing still and staring directly at me. The statics grew stronger each second i kept standing and I couldn’t resist it any longer so I started running, not looking back. I looked sideways and I could see his figure still standing and staring at me. My breathing got heavier as I stared back at his faceless face.

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