What Is Karma? - Karma Points

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:52
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What is karma? I believed for many years that karma was a deal where you could never get away with anything--meaning whatever energy you put out, you got back. Is this for real? Or is it just good luck and bad luck? Can karma be measured and weighed by experiences?
These questions were burning me up with curiosity one day so I decided to check out my karmic stash. "How much good stuff do I have on my record?" I wondered, "And if I immediately began putting out extra good vibes, would extra good karma instantly return to me?" I was convinced if I experimented with the intention of only attracting good karma, I would find out something for sure. So one day I began keeping a record of events during my airplane flight to Prescott, Arizona...

February 3, 2000, age 35

Karma Points

The day began perfectly. I ended up with one of the last of 10 parking spaces at the airport. I was fortunate enough to sit in two airplane seats on an almost full flight for nearly three hours. I smiled at everyone. Most folks smiled back. I was extra polite and courteous. Most folks were extra polite and courteous back. The airport food was tasty. My flights were quiet and my bags arrived safely.

The day was so pure and positive that I was beginning to think there was something to my instant karmic return theory. So after two flight changes and a day's travel, I was dropped off by a transport van at a very dark bus station on the edge of town.

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