What Are the Key Decision Points/elements of the Recruitment Process at Sg Cowen?

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:47
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What are the key decision points/elements of the recruitment process at SG Cowen?

SG Cowen's aim is to find loyal and committed candidates with a strong cultural fit. SG Cowen has 3 selection methods: Top candidates from Top 25 universities instead of limiting their research to the top 10 (students from less prestigious schools are equally trained meeting Cowen's requirements), Noncore schools (students from noncore universities have a chance to be recruited) and finally, Former associates and interns (SG Cowen wants to recruit talented associates and interns who have previously gained work experience with them). The first selection round is the "On-campus round" where the team captains at core university conduct informal interviews and rough assessments to choose the candidates for the next round "Super Saturday" where the decision is carried out collectively by Cowen's bankers. They have some specifications and preferences when selecting a candidate: "We get people to act and behave like a firm", "We want to ferret people who love technology, who love emerging growth", "We want self-starter" (person who doesn't want to be told what to do) and "Makes a big difference if they have been an entrepreneur". Also they pay attention to the human element, especially the creativity and energy, which should be why the company chooses them in the first place.

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