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Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:59
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We real cool. Seven, at the Golden Shovel. 1960 by Gwendolyn Brooks

A Poem Review

I have to admit when I first read the title my thoughts took me to 7 men standing around preparing to dig a piece of ground to begin the construction of some new important building. We real cool - I had this vision of these men standing around looking important and "cool" with their hard hats on, holding the golden shovels. It wasn't until I read the next line - We left school, that I realized my first impression was way off. I quickly focused on the seven being school age kids that had either skipped school or left school early. The Golden Shovel I couldn't fit into the poem after this.
We Lurk Late - This showed me the boys were staying out late and not putting much attention into school. If they were out late studies were obviously the furthest thing from their minds.
We Strike Straight - I really wasn't sure what this was about. I couldn't really see what the author was trying to get me to imagine with this line.
We Sing Sin - This I pictured as the boys stood around singing songs that adults didn't like and it also made me think that the setting of the poem was sometime in the early days of Rock and Roll since it was considered the devils music at that time.
We Thin Gin - Drinking, what else could that mean. Thin gin made me think of watered down drinks to make the alcohol last longer, another popular idea from yesteryear. Also helped the bar owners to make a bigger profit on drinks.

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