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Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:36
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Thesis being a local 3 apprentice can be stressful all the while, fun at the same time.

My overall viewpoint of the jobsite is nothing like I actually experience. I was basing my viewpoint from my high school years in a trade school, where I took electrical installation. As soon as I accepted to local 3 I saw just money. I didn't even think of the stressor or the drain it would have on my social life. Don't get me wrong there are times that I do have fun on the job, just enacting with journey men.

As of right now my responsibilities as an apprentice is to make sure the job site is in order that all times of the day. I must sort material in size and type order. Usually I sort it from smallest to large starting with connectors, straps couplings. Once the main material is sorted I sort out the nuts and bolts also in size order. I personality dislike sorting material because I feel like it's a Waste of time and usually takes the whole day. Because I sort the material all the journey men rely on me to know where everything is. Another task is getting all coffee orders in the morning. Sometimes I'm not paying attention to the time and I end up going out late which makes our break end later then need be. I actually got a speech from my foreman on looking out for the time. Going out for coffee is another stressor because now I have to deal with the workers at the cart. At times they have a lot going on and don't realize they didn't start my order yet. Now I have to be persistence and demanding to get my order so I'm back on-the site on time. In the most of trying to watch your time and make sure you order is getting done, you must make sure it's actually right. It's something about these men and their coffee their whole mood will change for the bad if the coffee is not the way they like it. Coffee is defiantly a big deal.

Before being in local 3 I was a fully active college student in a sorority. I participate at every social event. I went to parties, walks, community services and round talk discussion. People depended on me to be places and fulfill certain obligations. I held the fund raiser position and community outreach. I was doing a whole lot for my chapter and my organization. A lot of my sisters of my sorority didn't understand that now I actually have a career and not a job. My social life has changed a lot I no longer can go to events on Thursday nights because I have to be up in the morning. I guess my friends aren't use to the mature and responsible me.

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