Warm Apple Delight

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:52
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The smell of the crisp autumn air hits my nose as I step off the front stoop on my way to my back yard orchard. I walk the path through the fruitful apple trees while the brown, brittle leaves crunch under my feet. I look up through the branches and see a beautiful combination of green leaves and ripe, red apples. Above the branches I see a bright, blue sky. The sun peaks through the leaves and onto my face. It warms me up against the cool October air. The over-ripened apples on the ground are covered in hungry ants scavenging for a sweet snack. I search the low branches in pursuit of the finest fruits. Blemish-free produce is hard to find unless you look all the way at the top of the trees. I extend both of my arms seeking to reach the highest apples. I grab a ruby red Granny Smith, place it in my basket, and return to my hunt for the perfect fruit. After I pick a full bushel, I carry it back along the path to the kitchen. I start to get excited thinking about the warm apple delight I am about to enjoy. I am ready to bake.
Juice runs down the blade of the knife as I start to peel each apple. The crisp white color of the inside stands out against the bright red color of the skin. The kitchen begins to smell like fall when I chop the fruit and mix in a special blend of spices. Into the bowl I dump an avalanche of baking soda, salt, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice. An aromatic plume of spicy smoke blows from the bowl as I mix the ingredients together. A cinnamon and nutmeg fragrance fills the air. The apple juices start to seep into the powdery mixture and create a sticky mess. I mix the two together covering all of the apple chunks with the flavorful sauce.

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