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Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:36
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Disney Studios was chosen because of its myriad of products in this division. Those include Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Touchstone Pictures, DisneyNature, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation, Disney Music Group, Disney Theatrical Group, and now Lucasfilms.
Walt Disney Studios is a business unit of the Walt Disney Company is but it represents a small portion of the overall company. The company's other divisions include; the media networks which include broadcast, cable, radio, publishing, and digital businesses across the divisions of the Disney/ABC television group and ESPN Inc. The Parks and Resorts business division is committed to providing the world's leading family, leisure and travel opportunities. The Disney Consumer Products business unit is responsible for merchandise such as; apparel, toys, home décor, books, magazines, beverages, food, stationary, electronics, and animation art. The Disney Interactive business unit is dedicated to providing high quality interactive entertainment across many platforms including; digital media platforms, comprising blockbuster mobile, social and console games, on-line virtual worlds and the number 1 ranked web destinations Disney.com and the Moms and Family network of websites.
The many different successful, but related ventures that make up the Disney Companies is one of the great things that separates Disney Corporation from others. Clearly the portfolio management of this company would be very descriptive as to how large entities conduct business.
As we look at the Walt Disney Studios business unit we will see many more mainstream projects that Walt Disney has undertaken. Since this is one of the most visible branches of the Disney Company it comprises a large part of their business. This business unit has been responsible for many blockbuster movies from 101 Dalmatians to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Air Bud, Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp, Brave, the Cars Series, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and now they will be the company producing all future "Star Wars" movies and related products. The studios have also given rise to such music icons as the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus.
In Disney Studio's ongoing Strategic plan their vision for the future has a multi-faceted function. The organizational plan involves things ranging from becoming more eco-friendly to maximizing returns from movie projects. ("Decision Support Services," 2009). In all of these plans their mission, long term goals and principle methods for attaining these goals are aligned.
To become the number one entertainment producer in the world. To provide the best entertainment available. ("Decision support services," 2009)
Long Term Goals
Acquire entertainment properties or licenses as they come available.
Principal Methods for Attaining Goals
Continue to acquire entertainment franchises such as "Lucasfilms" and thus the Star Wars brand, and lease facilities such as Pinewood Studios in England for increased production area. (Thefreelibrar.com).
Disney Studios has under taken several projects to ensure that they are number one in worldwide entertainment. The recent acquisition of Lucasfilms and thus the world famous "Star Wars" franchise is another step towards remaining number one (Yahoonews.com).

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