Van Brunt Neighborhood Consortia

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:58
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in the Van Brunt neighborhood in an effort to save the neighborhood from decay and destruction.
They succeeded, and formed the Van Brunt Neighborhood Consortia (VBNC), a Faith-based
organization founded on the basis of self-sufficiency. Today, 41 years later, VBNC is recognized
and respected for their mission to provide affordable, decent housing for all Van Brunt
neighborhood residents. VBNC founders envisioned a revitalized neighborhood by providing safe
and affordable housing with long term sustainable leadership for the people of the community.
We have recently received a large multi-year grant from the City of Kansas City to increase HIV
prevention and substance abuse services offered through our incarceration re-entry program which
serves about 150 women annually. According to the National Center for Nonprofit Boards, there
are 6 crucial tasks a board should examine when managing agency finances. Of those 6 crucial
tasks, the VBNC Board of Directors identified 3 that VBNC must address to properly manage grant

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