Using History for Strategic Problem-Solving: The Harley-Davidson Effect

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:59
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This article is about how Harley-Davidson used a different technique when faced with major morale issues with their employees. The issues laid mainly with the labor crew's t their famous plant that served as the "model environment" Incidentally; this would not be the case. The problems were mainly because of the lack of productivity and between the middle and upper management. The question here was why the morale had changed so much. Back in the 60's, Harley workers were remembered to be productive, happy, motivated and enthusiastic. Harley-Davidson was determined to figure out why the major morale struggle was happening (Hopkins, 1999, para 1).
To find some kind of answers, Harley-Davidson hired a social scientist to construct a history of the plant that showed some very interesting facts. When Harley-Davidson was growing, it was also upgrading their technology to keep up. Meanwhile, no-one was watching the possible issues that would later be a result in the Operations department. Undoubtedly, as this plant continued to grow larger and add more employees and become corporate, a certain kind of management has to be established. New upper management started to implement this new way of managing on the employees. According to the article, some of the decisions that were made ended up violating the hourly employees ways of working as well as their expectations regarding how to act on the floor, how and what to make decisions about, processes, priorities and tasks (Hopkins, 1999, para 2,3).

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