Use of Mise-En-Scene in the Wizard of Oz.

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:04
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People that know of paradise valley and the black bottom refer to them as if it was the same, but the reality of it is that they are two totally different locations on Detroit inner east-side areas sharing the border of Gratiot. The black bottom area ran south from Gratiot as far as the Detroit River and was the oldest area of the two. Paradise Valley attained its identity in the twenties thru the forties was around Gratiot, John R, Brush, Beaubien, St Antoine, Hastings, and Russell and eventually stretched to the area we call the North-End today.
I grew up in the Gratiot area but North of Gratiot, and all my life I was told that we lived in the Black bottom and that it was call that because it was the first area in Detroit that Blacks migrated to when coming from the south here to find work, Some where along the way the history to this neighborhood has been lost to the present generations of Blacks (African Americans) in Detroit. What did we loose with the lost of these neighborhoods besides the history of Detroit lets see?
The Black Bottom got its name because of the rich black soil in the area and the Farmers named it The Black Bottom for that reason and the name carried on and now when those of us hear the name black bottom we think that it's the area where blacks migrated to when they came from the south in Michigan to settled.
The Black Bottom was an area on Detroit's Eastside where a lot of different ethnic groups migrated to and called home. "It became the home of the Irish, Italian, German, Romanian, and Russian Jews living in over lapping colonies. Most arrived in Detroit by the ferry from Ontario. Most of the new arrivals came looking for work and stability. The Russian, Polish, and Jewish immigrants settled around the St.Antoine, Hastings, and

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