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Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:15
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Types of Dads
“I know you’re ready to leave the house, but I’m not ready for you to leave.” -My Dad. No matter what kind of dad somebody has—even if he’s the President of the United States—he will say the same thing to his kids when they are ready to move out. When someone’s mom says no to something, that person usually goes to their dad hoping he would say yes. A son or daughter might go to their dad when they need help practicing for an upcoming soccer tournament or when they need advice on how to deal with bullies. Dads come in all shapes, sizes and personalities unfortunately, too many to keep track of. The most common dads seen in the world today include: the Sports Dad, the Cool Dad, the Strict Dad, the Business Dad, and the Stay at Home Dad.
The first—and most common—dad has to be the Sports Dad. Seen in most households, Mr. Sports Crazy is usually wearing his favorite sports jersey and holding a beer. He strives to make his kids love sports as much as he does—which can sometimes rock hit bottom. Mr. Sports Crazy drives his kids to games, buys them anything sports related—even if they don’t want it, and struggles to get them involved in sports. Every Sunday morning, Mr. Sports Crazy sits in his comfy, old, recliner with the remote and beer in his hand to watch the football game. He hollers out to his kids, “Hey kids, the game is starting!”, but the kids are too busy on their computers and phones to even care. A few minutes into the game, the house rumbles from Mr. Sports Crazy screaming at the TV. Sometimes, even the neighbors come by to complain about all the ruckus Mr. Sports Crazy was causing. If one crazy sports dad is loud, well think again. Mr. Sports Crazy seems to only befriend other sports dads so that means trouble. Coming home on a Friday night, chances are that all of the dads are in the living room watching the basketball game. Seeing them is not needed, when all the noise is from them. The munching of the popcorn, the random silence, when all of a sudden the house shakes from all the yelling and screaming, and it’s all coming from downstairs. After a while, people get used to all of it. Even though Mr. Sports Crazy goes nuts over sports, it’s nothing compared to the love he has towards his children.

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