Twin Islands Antigua and Barbuda

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:34
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The texts a and b, deal with the common subject of tourism on twin islands Antigua and Barbuda, but the viewpoints of the authors on tourism industry are different. The text a is highly descriptive about tourism industry on islands Antigua and Barbuda. The author describes the two islands, as 'the largest and most developed tourist destination in the Leeward islands, and that these islands are 'home to most of the nation's better - known hotels'. This conveys to the reader, the beautifulness and the importance of twin islands for tourism industry. The islands are presented as the marvelous place for tourists. The text a, is more objective piece, since the author is not emotionally involved in the extract. The text a is written from professional and economical point of view. Similarly, Jamaica Kincaid focuses on social - economic aspect of tourism industry on Antigua and Barbuda islands, however, she looks at tourism industry from different perspective. The speaker in text b has a disappointed and frustrated look at the tourism industry. The tourism is unattractive to Kincaid, as the author views tourists in negative way. For the speaker, tourists are people who try to escape 'hard and cold and dark and long days spent in North America and Europe ', in order to see beautiful settings and stay in the place where 'the sun always shines '. But, the speaker suggests that the tourists, who enjoy beautifulness and loveliness of the twin islands, fail to see the difficulties of local population. The speaker suggests that the tourists do not want rain, since they want to stay in place where ' climate is deliciously hot and dry ', not thinking 'that for someone who had to live day in, day out, in a place that suffers constantly from drought, has to watch carefully every drop of fresh water'. This implies that the outsiders, who visit the islands, hope that rain will not ruin their trip, whereas, they do not understand the difficulties of local residents caused by a lack of fresh water. The speaker of the text b suggests that for tourists, life of local residents is unimportant since they only enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the islands.
The text a, has a straight forward message to the reader, that the twin islands are ' most developed tourist destination', and encourages tourists to visit the place with the beautiful landscapes, similar to ' desert like conditions rounding the scenery '. Even though, the text a is objective, the reader still can sense the tone of advertisement in the text, particularly because it was written by web site which operates in tourism industry. The text b on the other hand, has a hidden message illustrated by Kincaid. The speaker in the text b, encourages, the reader to look deeper than just on the beauty of the island, and understand the real problems of local residents. She emphasizes on the poverty of local residents, when contrasts

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