Troy Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:16
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Troy is an epic movie where the characters are from Greek mythology. I like the movie because it has great graphics, history, and a real time strategy at war. It amazes me as the sequence of the movie ongoing. From the protagonist, Achilles, I really impress by his role or personality. I've known Achilles only in history books as a great and powerful warrior.
Hector, the first son of king Prium, is a great leader and warrior during Trojan War. He led the Troy against the Sparta from that time. Even he died in the movie by fighting a duel with Achilles. I loved his passion to protect Troy. I learned many lessons. First one is love for your country. Don't use positions for greed, fame, and power. A great leader is fair, has respect for his soldiers, and has love for his country.
I also learned that love can sacrifice. As Achilles sacrifice his own life for his beloved Briseis. It is hard to sacrifice a thing especially if you are willing to sacrifice your own life. But if you really love someone, everything must give for him or her. But nowadays, only few people can do this kind of sacrifice. This can only be seen from movies, novels, or stories.

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