Transitions Concerns of Ehr and Medical Records

Published: 2021-06-29 06:56:01
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Transitions Concerns of EHR and Medical Records
American Intercontinental University
October 14, 2012
Tikeshia Whatley
Dr. Miller

Over the last few years healthcare organizations have been in the process of making a change, from paper-based medical records to computer-based healthcare systems. Many disagree that the risks of security and confidentiality out-weigh the advantages of this change. EHR's, are Electronic Healthcare Records, therefore advantages and disadvantage are still a major factor for some businesses in the transition. In this paper I plan to summarize EHRs as well as supply you with the advantages that outweigh all the disadvantages that have many concerned.

Transition Concerns of EHR and Medical Records
Based on the information given in the Abstract, I would like to take the time to identify and label all the issues and concerns about transitioning your business system to computer-based systems. Clearly the computer-based system is, taking advantage of what technology has to offer your business as a whole, as well as mine.
EHRs, (Electronic Healthcare Records) are patient healthcare records that are stored in registries, and or other healthcare data bases for uses beneficial for the patients. It is truly an advantage for hospitals and facilities to have these options with minimum risks. What I'm saying is that the patient healthcare information available through these electronic systems is beneficial to doctors, for purposes of access of healthcare records in the case of emergencies, or when they are needed. One of the most important resources associated with the patient healthcare records is financial and or the legal patient data availability for research, and environment improvement purposes, shared among authorized healthcare facilities across the world.

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