Tourette Syndrome

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:06
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Now let's consider the struggles that people with Tourette's have. Coping with the tics are just one of many struggles that they have to go through. They worsen during times of stress, anxiety, fatigue, illness or excitement. Tics relieve a bodily urge "like an itch you can't scratch". There are a lot of conditions also associated with having TS that add to their struggles seen listed here. (Point to the poster and list a few) A final struggle that people with TS have is low self-esteem. Their self-esteem may suffer; they may also be embarrassed about their tics. They may hesitate to engage in social activities such as dating or going out in public. As a result, they're at increased risk of depression and substance abuse.

Lastly let's talk about why people with Tourette's are judged. A lot of people with TS are misunderstood because of their behaviors. According to Tourette's life this is how an 18 year old girl remembers the worst experience in her life. (READ THE GIRL IN THE CLASSROOM STORY)

This girl, like many others with TS, was humiliated because she was doing something that seemed weird to others but was actually perfectly normal to her because that was how she was relieving her tic. They also have a low tolerance for distractions. Even the simplest of things like doing homework are a challenge because some people have a hard time focusing on what they are supposed to do because they are so overwhelmed by everything that is going on around and inside them. Although there are therapies that can help lessen the tics there is no cure/ no way to eliminate their tics.

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