Torture People

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:45
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should we torture people? what is a justifiable reason totorture a person? Is it only when there is lives at stake? Or are there otherreasons to torture a person? How about the use of torture as a punishment for acrime? In July 1994 seven year old Megan Kanka was invited to see a new puppy herneighbor had bought. The neighbor, Jesse Timmendequas, was a twice convictedpedophile. he raped her and murdered her and, then dumped her body in a near bypark. It was because of this that Megan's Law was later enacted to help preventthis. I cannot think of a better situation for the use of torture, as apunishment, than in cases like this. so it would seem that there is anotherpossible use of torture. But then you have to ask where is this going to go? Ifwe alow this torture, while wholly justified, to be allowed, what will be next,who will we be torturing next? Will it go back to the days where people who stealgot there hands chopped off?Also what if someone messes up and. . . convicts the wrong person?Second question how will you torture someone? What techniques do you use?what will work for one will not nessesarily work for the other. Keeping in mindthat the only reason why you use torture is as stated in the previous aboveparagraph. What specificlly will you do to a person? Will you go back to the toolsof the inquisition? or will you use new techniques of today? what if the newtechniques don't work? what if they get used to the loud heavy metal m

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