To Self Disclose

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:10
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To self discos

1. Do you think full self-disclosure is important in this relationship? Why or why not?
2. Yes self disclosure is very important in a relationship because that opens you up to your partner about your past. self disclose is a good way to start the relationship and build up from there. Self disclose also helps you get to know the person your dating. Imaging if you dating someone but yet you don't know much about them. Its like they are pretending to be someone else with you. If that is the case then its like better off not dating rather dating someone who you don't know.

3. Use other relationships ( your own and others) to evaluate how important full self-disclosure is to committed relationships. Cite times when full disclosure may be more harmful than helpful?

4. One of my friends started dating a girl he met in a bar. They kept dating for couple of months yet he never asked her about her background and stuff. There was a time when she would kind of disappear and then out of no where she would be back after a week or so. He tried a lot to find out about her yet she would always say I would tell you some other time but she would never do it. He later found out that she was using him for money and so self disclose is good but at the same time it is bad. If you disclose your self to someone who you just met and they find out your weakness they can take advantage of that and misuse it to their advantage. For example if some one finds out you have a lot of money and or for example you don't drink then every time they need anything they would always ask you for money.

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