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Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:30
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Category: American History

Type of paper: Essay

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me is good.
Specific Instructions:
 The student should aim to write an essay of about 400 words (±50) on the topic.
 All answers must be typed in Times New Roman font size 12, with single spacing, and 1-
inch margins.
 Remember to fill in the following details in the cover page:
o Subject code & title
o Tutor name
o Tutorial group
o Student Name & ID number
o Title of your product/company
o Deadline for the assignment (i.e. the day of your tutorial)
 The student should choose to write about only ONE of the following (the company that
markets any of the products listed below):
o Smartphone
o Car
o Computer/laptop
o Digital camera
Hand-in Instructions
You will each be expected to individually submit a hardcopy of your assignment in class
during the tutorial for the week of 15
to 19
August, 2011. You will need to attach the
hand-in assignment cover page to your course work.
Assignment 1: Assessment Criteria
One (1) mark each will be given for identifying and describing the factors related to the
company/product as follows:
- The company's microenvironment; the demographic environment; the economic and technological
environment; the natural, political and social environment; the cultural environmentAssignment 1: Analyzing the Marketing Environment
(Cover page)
Subject code & title:
Tutor Name: Tutorial group:
Student Name & ID Number:

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