The Violence on the Borders

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:12
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The Violence on the Borders

For years the United States border patrol have interdict drug smugglers and other
Criminals along United States borders. Drugs and violence have been a big problem in Mexico.
Mexico is a major producer of heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and also cocaine. They are
a big suppler of the United States.
Border patrol have tried to block them crossing the borders but they cant block them all.
(The Department of States 2009 International Narcotics Control Strategy Reports) that ninety
percent of cocaine entering into the United States comes from Mexico.
The gang activity in Mexico reach well beyond the towns and cities along the borders.
The United States border patrol have seen its budget and manpower more than triple from back
years ago. They also have to look for illegal immigration trying to cross the borders and focus on
preventing terrorist and weapons of mass destruction from making their way into the United
Drug smugglers are looking everyday to find ways to move their drugs through border
check points. There are a lot of accidents of high speed chases that end up in fatalities. They will
try anything to get across the borders and elude law enforcement not thinking of their
consequences. Drug cartels are taking over our streets and selling drugs and they are putting our
children in danger. Danger of addictions and violence putting our children in harms way.
Children in Mexico sell drugs to survive the streets. A lot of children there are homeless and turn
to crime to support their family's.

Border Violence 3

Drug cartels are fighting a war against Mexican law enforcement over power of
Mexico. It has turned into bloody ground. Mexican cartels don't just hurt Mexico, they hurt the
United States , Canada, Europe and Africa. When the drug cartel bring drugs to our country,
more and more people become addicted. Cartels are the suppliers of drugs to gangs in and out of
prison. If our government doesn't want crime in the streets, then stop the cartels. Horrifying

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