The Unusual Marriage

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:45
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The Unusual Marriage

A marriage means the legal relationship between a husband and a wife. In addition, the marriage means that it should make to extend a family tree what a diagram showing the relationship between in several generations of a family. Nowadays, a lot of couples got married in the world; however, some unusual couples who homosexuals can not be allowed. The homosexuals want to be married with a partner and they try to demonstrate for acceptance. Even if the society accepted them, I disagree that gay marriage should not be allowed with two strong reasons which are a reproduction of human being and taking care of children's self identity.

The first strong reason is a reproduction of human being. The definition of marriage is to save species and to do a reproduction. Homosexual couples can not give birth to a child without an adopted child. An average number of children per household are 3.5 persons by the National population census. It is also the same report by the National population census that the population is going to be decreased if one couple gives birth to less two kids. It is an important issue that the population is decreased because if it decreased, people will have a big crisis. It is possible to have a problem that people will become extinct. For example, if people disappear, the nations will decline because of lack the manpower, the national taxes will go up by the government because of revenue decline, and people will have deep frustration to it. Then people will live a hard life. It is the big issue of crisis, so the reproduction of human being is really need for human.

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