The Role of Various Stakeholders in Development

Published: 2021-06-29 07:10:58
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Development is as dynamic as its dimensions, which range from social, political, technological to economical. However, many economists have observed that the term development tends to be likened to economic realm more than other dimensions. It should, nonetheless be emphasized that meaningful development requires collaborated effort of various stakeholders who play different roles towards a goal of improving human conditions and means of living. In this regard, therefore, this paper asserts to explain the role of government, Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs), Community- Based organizations (CBOs), the Private Sector and ordinary citizens in development and community empowerment.
In the first place it is worthy pointing out that the government has a crucial role to play in community empowerment and national development. First and foremost, it needs to ensure provision of security for free investment. Investors tend to find a bleeding ground in countries or states where the government provides maximum security. In this respect DCP () argues that a responsible government creates conditions for peace and general stability so that foreign and internal investors carry out their businesses without threats.
In addition, the government needs to put in place programmes and policies that enhance development. The government needs to priotise development of any kind in its national programmes and policies. These programmes may include poverty alleviation and rural development programmes and those that aim at raising the productivity for the poor. In the same way Seitz (2008:99) notes that the first policy for any reasonable government should be on rural and agriculture development to relieve poverty in rural areas. This is a tool for eradicating hunger and improving living standards in rural areas.

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