The Relationship of Creativity Between First and Eleventh Graders

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:59
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The Relationship of Creativity between First and Eleventh GradersMarrina OrrantiaEastern New Mexico UniversityAbstractThis research proposal will focus on determining the differences in creativity between first and eleventh grade students. Randomly selected high school and elementary students from three different districts will be asked to participate in this experiment. They will be exposed to survey questions, personal based opinions and the use of their imagination. Results of the survey will be categorized based grade level, the amount of time it takes a student to complete the packet and the originality of the student’s art work. The study will be based around the student’s originality and time used to complete the packet given. The Relationship of Creativity between First and Eleventh GradersThroughout the years there has always been that question, what is creativity and at what age is it more prominent. Although, creativity is difficult to define, it is generally agreed that creativity is the ability to produce work that is both original (new, uncommon, fresh, unpredicted) and valuable (beneficial, good, adaptive, suitable) (Kapoula et al., 2016). Due to the fact that creativity can be defined in so many ways, the majority of individuals do not even know that they are using creativity in their everyday lives. Because of this, creativity has been touted as an essential 21st-century skill and is regarded as an integral component of student success (Eckhoff, 2011).Adolescence is a time of natural exploration and learning, putting great demands on the ability to flexibly adapt to changing environments, for instance, learning new tasks in school, developing social competencies. (Cousijn, 2014). Education is an important fundamental in the expansion of creativity that each student has throughout their lives . In 2005, Egan discovered that imagination is too often seen as something peripheral to the core of education, something taken care of by allowing students time to express themselves in the arts. Egan stated that the proper work of educating goes on in the sciences and math and in describing conventionally efficient literacy. This research proposal is to explore the correlation and differences of creativity between first and eleventh graders. The two population samples to be examined will be focused on time and originality of the concepts given to the individuals. Significance of Study        The significance of this study is to acquire knowledge of the relationship that creativity has on first and eleventh grade students. Education has become a necessary part of increasing creativity in students at every age level that is then tied into creating student success. This study will discover the relationship that creativity has on students as well as if that particular skills has not yet been developed.         The word creativity, covers a broad variety of categories and skills that children endure in their daily activities. Creativity exists only in the person’s mind, in spite of the most fascinating and unusual combinations of gastronomic spices, musical notes, or colors on a canvas, no one can smell, hear, or see this phenomenon itself, only imagine it and theorize it (Pinheiro and Cruz, 2014). The significance of this study is to discover the relationship creativity between first and eleventh graders.

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