The Realationship Between the Northeast an the Midwest

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:16
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Factories in the Northeast were producing manufactured goods to be sold in the other regions because of this there was a larger workforce that worked in poor conditions. The Midwest grew food for the other regions and used the factory made goods from the Northeast. There were many new inventions created to help the specialization Northeast and the Midwest by linking them together by how the Midwest needed the Northeast for manufactured goods, and the Northeast needed the Midwest for food, this specialization widened the gap between the rich and the poor.
The United States' population grew at a swift rate because of many difficulties in foreign countries. Because of the Trans Atlantic Steamships, it was easier for immigrants to make the journey over to the United States. America was said to be the place for opportunity, and through American letters, this made the Irish want to come to the U.S even more. Germans also made their way over to the U.S for more area to farm. So while the Irish mainly settled in large cities with factories in the north, the Germans settled out in the Midwest so they could farm.
Irish immigrants looking to improve their lives when they came to the United States did not have great success in improving their lives. The Irish were discriminated against because of their catholic religion and because Native people hate having competition for jobs. Molly Maquires helped the Irish though, in order to get money for themselves in the long run from businesses. But the know-nothing party did the opposite when trying to limit Irish immigrants. Irish people mostly settled in the north were there were many factories. Many Irish people worked in the factories there and because of the long hours and low pay, their status of life, although it did improve slightly, did not change much.

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