The Real Marshal Mathers and Who He Became

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:19
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By: Charlsie Thompson

The REAL Marshal Mathers and who he became

Music is life
Marshal Mathers past shaped who he became as a rapper, influenced his present, and changed his future

Marshal Marthers had a turbulent childhood that developed him into Eminem.
Eminem was born Marshal Bruce mathers III on October 17th, 1972. He was born in st. Joeseph Missouri. He was born to a fifteen-year-old mother. Marshals dad Marshal Mather Jr. left when Marshal was a infant. His intire childhood was spent moving back and fourth between Kansas City, Missouri and Detroit, Mishigan. When he was twelve he eventually moved to east side of Detroit. When he was a child their were thoughts of an abusive family. It was always hard for Marshal to make friends and graduate because he kept moving and switching schools. Britannice encyclopedia states, ''Marshal Mathers Suffered though alleged abuse as a child.'' marshal began rapping when he was four, putting rythems together, he would have little rap battles in the lunch room with other kids this was one of the things that gave him joy and let him forget about home. After failing the ninth grade three times he dropped out, he doesnt advise kids to drop out of school and do what he did ''he doesnt consider himself stupid or dumb it just wasnt the thing for him.''

Eminem troubled as an adult as a whire rapper.

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