The Pyramids of Giza

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:11
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Maged MekhaelInformative OutlineTopic:                 The Pyramids of GizaGeneral purpose :         To informSpecific purpose:         To inform my audience about the oldest structure in the world,                         the Pyramids 1-        Introduction:        A-  Hello everybody my name is Maged Mekhael, please close your eyes and                       imagine yourself facing the oldest, tallest (when it was built), and most                       famous man-made structure in the world.        B- I would like to inform you about the pyramids mystery.        C- Since I was born and raised in Egypt and had ample time to learn and study                      Egyptian civilization, I am capable to introduce you basic information                              about the pyramids                D- The pyramids are the only and the oldest wonder left and still standing from                       the seven ancient wonders of the world2-         Where are the pyramids? The pyramids in Egypt, city of Giza          When were the pyramids were built? It built around 2600 BC and it took 32 years         to build.

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