The Profile of a Good Employee

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:28
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A Good Employee

The Profile Of A Good Employee

The profile of a good employee includes a variety of attributes, skills, and personal characteristics. Some skills and qualities are universal to every job, and others are job specific. All jobs require a good work ethic and problem solving.

Great qualities an individual can bring to most jobs would be good communication skills and critical thinking. A good employee takes initiative, they go out of their way to help a customer, or even greet them on the way in our out of the store. There is a huge difference between an employee who does things on their own and one who doesn't. A good employee takes responsibility. When they are given a task, they do a good job and see the task through to completion. They are responsible for their own actions and the work they produce. A good employee tells the truth even when the news is bad; that means admitting one's mistakes. A good employee keeps their commitments, both large and small. Simple commitments are important such as returning phone calls and showing up on time. Showing empathy and concern are also very important. Taking the time to ask customers how they are doing shows them that you care. It may be hard to do sometimes but a good employee does a job cheerfully and follows direction, even if it is not their favorite thing to do.

In conclusion, being a good employee is not always easy. However, demonstrating the above qualities benefits the employer and the employee. An employee that meets these standards will have positive evaluations, build work experience, and be more marketable for future employment.

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