The Prince

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:45
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“The Prince”.“The Prince” is a book of Niccolo Machiavelli. It was written as a set of advices to the Lorenzo de Medici. It consists of XXVI chapters. Each chapter has own name and provides the examples. This book is the best book among the books I read last half a year. It seems like the Niccolo Machiavelli is living in our days and describing nowadays problems in cases of medieval history. While reading, I noticed, a lot of cases in business or political relations nowadays are similar with explanations in this book. I have understood, why all people call this book “a classic” of a genre. I would say that it is “universal” book for modern life. Once you read this book, you understand general meaning of this book. While second time reading, you will begin to understand all the actions that rulers do and how it is affected on the destiny of the state. From my point of view, if you read this book three times before graduating school, you are ready to go university or even to enter adult life. It makes school student become mature and wiser than he was. Machiavelli’s book helps people to understand how it is difficult to rule the country. For instance, I had some thoughts about ruling state, but I never thought that it is so difficult. Allies with states, different strategies of occupying throne and crown, clashes for lands, power and others make governing the state much complicated even to king. So most of the states disappeared because of mistakes of their rulers or kings. It is detailly described in the book.In conclusion, I want to mention that it is the unique book for centuries. It was written five centuries ago, but still it is not losing the worth and has own value among politicians.

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