The Political Issues in Nigeria

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:23
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The political issues in Nigeria are enough for one to start to reason. A number of questions come to mind viz:
a. where are we?
b. where are we going?
c. what is the route to our destination?
d. what is the price to pay?

I have had to consider this political specie as an undecided one. Lethargy, the phlegmatic nature both contribute to this state we are in. This i can say off the record is a direct consequence of our level of literacy.

We cannot come to the same conclusion starting from the same foundational issue- agree to disagree as it were on issues that border on our personal and national development.

The thing is we see our country as business of the day and really it is no one's business what is left of this zone so long as we can all gather our spoils.

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