The Poems "sex Without Love" by Sharon Olds and E.E. Cummings "she Being Brand" Are Poems That Encapsulate the Theme of Making Love and Sex Without Literally Saying It.

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:22
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Micro Theme #2
The poems "Sex Without Love" by Sharon Olds and E.E. Cummings "she being Brand" are poems that encapsulate the theme of making love and sex without literally saying it. These poems come from different authors but have the same theme of being sexual.
In "Sex without Love," lines 4-6 really show the sexual tension within the poem between two ice-skaters, "fingers hooked/ inside each other's bodies,/ faces red as steak,.." .When Olds mentions how their fingers are hooked inside each others body it's symbolic of making love and when she later describes the ice-skaters faces as being red as steak that is symbolic of human flesh, reinforcing the idea of raw lust between the two ice-skaters. In lines 8-10 presents a sexual pun to go with the ongoing theme of sex "How do they come/ to the come to the come to/ the God come to the still waters," the repetition of the word "come" is suggesting the sexual term of male cum which is very descriptive and taboo.

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