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Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:50
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Lumang Paintbrush
By: Joey Velasco

They said that for whatever you are now; don’t forget to look back where you came from. After watching the documentary movie by Mr. Joey Velasco, I realized how fragile life can be. We all grow up and get old. We all have responsibilities that may either strengthen us or weaken uss. We commit mistakes, ask for forgiveness, forgiven and then do the mistakes all over again. It was somehow frustrating as we humans never change. We are so used of going round in circles.
It is my first time to watch a documentary video about Jesus Christ as I am not really into watching tear jerker videos. When I know that a video can make me cry, I turned my back and try to change it to another video. Since I don’t have a choice but to watch, I guess its destined to be watched. The part which struck me is that even if you are old, and people see you as useless and fragile, you can still have a chance to be successful in life. You can still prove something. There may be times that I am thinking what my purpose is in this world. I mean, there’s a lot of a person who’s greater and who’s more capable of doing things better than I do. If that’s the case, what am I still being here for?
Everytime I think about giving up, I looked in front of the mirror then reflect on the things I have. The things which I value the most and then I see my twin sons. Suddenly, this thought of giving up will change. I will now look onto the things in my life made even better when I include prayers about it. I believe that God still give me this life as someone in this world still need me.

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