The Major Similarities Between Inside and Outside Lobbying

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:23
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The major similarities between inside and outside lobbying
The main similarities between inside lobbying and outside lobbying are that both procedures include speaking with state authorities. The Honest Leadership and Open Governance Act of 2007 control the lobbyists groups and individuals According to Peterson (2013), “It is a mandatory requirement for the lobbyist to be registered and be filling comprehensive details on their activities and expenditure” (p. 230). Thus, the process is controlled by government agencies.Inside campaigning is a demonstration that lobbyists are making and maintaining close relations with strategy makers. An individual involved in campaigning for a politician has to know the intricate details of the business. So, a large part of the lobbyist includes former lawmakers.
On the other hand, outside lobbying is a different method of speaking with public authorities by pressurizing as a means of affecting the administration. The government possess more control over the broadcast press than print media (Peterson, 2013). The Federal Communications Commission has the authority to carry out the regulation. In addition, the Media Corporation currently owns all the main media channels. Other outside lobbying methodologies entail urging individuals to bolster specific politicians and using the media to endorse candidates. Thus, it empowers people from outside campaigning groups to contact their congressman by telephone or email.

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