The Last Dance

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:34
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The Last Dance
In the middle of the forest lay a small town named Noisy, where a young couple named Joseph and Joslynn lived. This couple had met when they were only five and had become inseparable ever since. The love they had for each other was greater than any other worldly feeling. As they grew older and more mature they started feeling like something was missing in their relationship. Their relationship had advanced to the point where they needed to be together night and day. One morning as Joseph walked through the forest to get to Joslynn's wooden cabin, he stopped to reflect. Joseph had realized that he wanted to be with Joslynn for the rest of his life; he wasn't going to let another day go by without her knowing it. He felt an immense joy inside him and ran as fast as he could! "I am on my way to my future wife's cabin!" he yelled from the top of his lungs as he raced through the forest. He got to her cabin and knocked on the wooden door incessantly. Joslynn ran to open the door. "My love it is you!" she implied excitedly. Joseph was out of breath but a big smile illuminated his face. He wrapped his arms around her, and then he kneeled and said "My dearest love, I wish that from this day on and for the rest of our lives, we be together. Marry me my one and only love!" he exclaimed. Joslynn threw herself to him in a sign of agreement; she was speechless. Joseph didn't have a ring or money to buy one. He looked up, down and all over their surroundings to see what could be useful. As he looked at an oak tree, he couldn't believe his eyes, a set of wooden bright loops were perfectly fitted in the stem of a leaf. He then knew that some kind of power from above had destined for them to get married. He ran toward the tree and pulled the leaf, the loops fell to his hand. He ran back to Joslynn and showed her the loops. She was so amazed and couldn't believe what had happened. She said, "This is the seed that our love grew and I will do my part in planting more." Joseph replied, "My love, I am yours forever." They slided the loops into each other's fingers and on that day united forever.

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